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A Dead Sea Day

A Dead Sea Day

Known to the locals as Yam Ha-Melach, the sea of salt, The Dead Sea is a geological wonder and a must-see in the Middle East. As the lowest point on earth at 1,320 feet below sea level it contains twenty-one different minerals; twelve of which are not found in any other natural body of water anywhere on earth. The healing and therapeutic properties of the sea have been known since the time of King Herod, (37-c. 100 C.E.) who invited Queen Cleopatra to visit his palace Masada, near The Dead Sea. Cleopatra discovered for herself the wonderful benefits of the water to her beauty and health alike.

The feeling is unlike anything else, sheer weightlessness, soothing; like in a dream you gaze around you and see the still water of the sea. There is nothing but pure blue water as still as glass, no waves, just calmness as you float effortlessly.

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You will want to spend a maximum of thirty to forty-five minutes at a time in the water, and make sure you drink plenty of water and rinse off under an outdoor shower after. Your skin will immediately feel soft and smooth! I also feel a sense of peacefulness and my muscles feel very relaxed.

There are many hotels, some with their own private beaches, some you will need to walk across the street to a public beach. If you want to do the mineral mud you will only find it on certain beaches and not on the hotel beaches.

One spot great for tourist is the Mineral Beach where you pay a fee and have access to the beach with mineral mud, a snack bar, changing rooms and other amenities.